Oct 2008

Municipal Solar Power Plants, the vision.

This seems the desirable vision of the future of solar energy


More sunlight is being used for heat, light and electricity.
Watch Nanosolar!


One thing for another. You have what I want, I have what you want. We could share. Or we can exchange: swap, barter.
We can introduce a third element in terms of which we value what you and I have. Then we don't exchange directly, but only the value of

Mon eye on money

Looking at the crisis cry of sussing in depth.
Who needs more then wikipedia?
Can we count? Can we count on that? Fundamental questions.
Quality before quantity is life's lesson.
Quality is the leading edge of the train of knowledge, a motorcycling zenman wrote.
Still I would like to know the numbers.

My pockets are empty. How can I get money. What separates my smartness from the richman's smartness?
I like to dance and love is my first inclination.

But not love of money but love of the world and its inhabitants; that is love of life.