Book Biodanza

This is my translation of the book Biodanza by Rolando Toro.


Palette of Dance

A video with my paintings dancing on YouTube

Mosaics of Ravenna

Softly coloured light, to beautify the world, piecemeal, through mosaics, energizing, solaridifying

on the beach

Pasted Graphic

sailing, flying, living with the sun

: A solar boat
: A solar plane
: A solar world

Sand and Sun

Screen shot 2011-05-12 at 1.56.50 PM

Inspiring presentation by Dr Zhengrong Shi, former CEO of Suntech
at UNSW School of Photovoltaic and Renewable Energy Engineering, december 2010. Solar energy and living on this earth together reponsibly.

Some PVoetry

SoLAr Haiku's

Mankind is a geological phenomenon becoming conscious

Because we as a species, the aggregate of consciousness-bearing cells of the evolving Earth, are not yet awake to our role as a planetary organism, so too the noosphere is not yet fully conscious. When humanity becomes conscious of itself as a single organism and unites to activate the noosphere, we will find the collective resolve and will to reconstruct the biosphere and divert the energy of the human race from a path of destruction based on a mechanized abstraction from nature to a new harmonic order of super-organic reality based on an entirely different state of consciousness than has yet existed on Earth.

Noosphere: The Next Stage in the Evolution of Human Consciousness, A Testimony, José Argüelles (1939 - 23-3-2011, Hun Lahun Muluc)

Giving flowers to the world

A pollinator is the biotic agent (vector) that moves pollen from the male anthers of a flower to the female stigma of a flower to accomplish fertilization or syngamy of the female gamete in the ovule of the flower by the male gamete from the pollen grain.

"You have to bee it, to see it" B.B. trumpetplayerbeekeeperparkercharlie

(click on the spectrum to go to Edmund Becquerel's germinating article on solar energy from 1839)

Finally visited the Exploratorium, friday January 21st, 2011!

(click on the picture to read the story of the Exploratorium)

Explore more of and about the sun(Click on the Explore to go to a host of solar exploratory sites)

CHU-SUNTECH-Global Cooperation is the way

I like the sunny way in which Steve Chu presents data on what is happening in Energy Research and Development.

To see the current largest solar module producing company in the world, view their movie Take the Factory Tour.

Wikipedia! U 'N I VERS ALL

Support Wikipedia
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Art startles

Perhaps it is inevitable that an outsider delivers some fresh jolts to an otherwise beautifully growing industry. To add color to an otherwise ideally 'existentialist' looking product, i.e. black, to not reflect.
From a solar bird perspective, the appearance of black and blue panels in smaller and larger groups is a markable facet of a change to the world landscape. There are many ways to represent numbers in graphs. To a visually oriented understanding, the filling in with black specks of the surface of the earth is the most concrete way to 'see' what is taking place.
SoLagaaij is working on adding some color to this. Here is a possible photovoltaic mosaic called Abun-dance.
Wouldn't it be nice to have similar, colored pv paintings?

Sunny gathering in Valencia

40.000 visitors from 100 countries are expected to visit the 25th European PhotoVoltaic Solar Energy Conference and Exhibition and 5th World Conference on PhotoVoltaic Energy Conversion in Valencia next week (6-10 september).
SoLagaaij will also be there, mixing with the
colorfullspectrum crowd!

Flying with the sun

Solar powered airplane

26 hours of gliding on the sun's rays

4 elements

Slightly disappointed

Title: Solar Energy and Art
Abstract No.:
Dear Mr. Lagaaij,
1.817 abstracts were submitted for the 2
5th European Photovoltaic Solar Energy Conference and Exhibition (25th EU PVSEC) / 5th World Conference on Photovoltaic Energy Conversion (WCPEC-5). A Scientific Committee made up of 153 leading experts of the global PV community reviewed and scored the abstracts and discussed the scoring results.
Due to the quality ranking of the submitted abstracts your proposed contribution unfortunately
slightly failed the acceptance threshold. On behalf of the Conference Chairman and the Scientific Committee I regret to inform you that your abstract therefore could not been selected for presentation during the 25th EU PVSEC / WCPEC-5. I would be very grateful if you could advise your co-authors of this Committee decision.
I would like to thank you for submitting an abstract to the Conference. We all at the Executive Committee would much appreciate if you are not discouraged and might submit an abstract for the next edition of the Conference.
Yours sincerely,
Dr. Heinz Ossenbrink
Technical Programme Chair
European Commission DG JRC
Ispra, Italy
25th European Photovoltaic Solar Energy Conference and Exhibition
5th World Conference on Photovoltaic Energy Conversion
FERIA VALENCIA, Convention & Exhibition Centre, Valencia, Spain
Conference 6 - 10 September 2010
Exhibition 6 - 9 September 2010

Proposal for SolArt © Alexander Lagaaij 2006

First proposal for making solar mosaics presented by me at the annual meeting of the Joint Solar Panel in september 2006.

a solar mosaic

Solar Panel in Zimbabwe, 6 january 2010

Bees dance in the sun, to harvest the honey is a skill, that KBS (Kutsungirira Beekeeping Society) teaches. It is a beautiful effort of enduring, voluntarily supported by Beesupport (to read more about Beesupport) in Amsterdam. We went to Zimbabwe to bring a solar energy installation and to dance at the Beekeeping school (follow the link for more information and more images).

ChuChuChu showing energy

Offering overviews and insights into energy here is a new DOE site:
Open Energy Info is a platform to connect the world’s energy data. It is a linked open data platform bringing together energy information to provide improved analyses, unique visualizations, and real-time access to data. OpenEI follows guidelines set by the White House’s Open Government Initiative , which is focused on transparency, collaboration, and participation. OpenEI strives to provide open access to this energy information, which will spur creativity and drive innovation in the energy sector.

a closer look

From insignificant to gigantic
by zooming in
through development
and expression of potential

room for the sun


waving to the sun

09-09-09 was the date selected by Nanosolar to show their new factory, it is quite amazing on film: catch the rays.
All the photos had gone off to reflect on themselves. The images are therefore new. The captions for the moment have disappeared.
The Biodanza school of Amsterdam have started a new cycle. Look at the Nataraj where you enter.
Talking of entering, here is another drawing of mine that serves as an entrance to a spacious site.
With renewed vigour we are awaiting the first Dutch translation of the book Biodanza. What a labour of love!
Meanwhile let me remind us of the real twist, which is the twist of fate - wistful dance indeed


my daily routine: our times --> white house --> energy
inspiring to see the new vigorous approach to the sun, keeping warm and moving around
my enthusiasm for nanosolar seems to have been too premature
one global dance, many ballcourts

Mirror looking in us

We seem to be able to follow, copy and feel what other people around us do, move and feel.
Mirraculous mirror neurons. Have a look behind the rorrim

The world is experiencing a new dance

The new harmonic melody is re-awakening our common senses. We step forward in a long forgotten rhythm, our feet remembering that we are at home on this earth. Quiet joy is filtering into our hearts as we become prepared again to live together on this planet.

synchronic order

Today it is 20 years ago that at Palenque the Tzolkin was given to the world again. That Blue Electric Hand time's art re-appeared.
Today Blue Planetary Hand art is in time ever more. A moon rainbow rare wonder this.


A new balance is sought between receiving and producing.
"The best things in life are free: sunlight, air, friendship, love."
The joy of living together on earth, of sharing our lives can be learned for free.

Great expectations

Municipal Solar Power Plants, the vision.

This seems the desirable vision of the future of solar energy


More sunlight is being used for heat, light and electricity.
Watch Nanosolar!


One thing for another. You have what I want, I have what you want. We could share. Or we can exchange: swap, barter.
We can introduce a third element in terms of which we value what you and I have. Then we don't exchange directly, but only the value of